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The young Prince of Greece was passed round relatives and sent from school to school. Like huge swooping paws - huge out of all proportion to him - they cradle a small letter-opener of carved green stone. .' As he speaks, he turns the letter-opener over and over in his fingers, clutching it first by the handle and then by the blade, unconscious that this small and deliberate gesture is quite so revealing. That even at the age of 71, even in his own private library, Philip Mountbatten-Windsor, husband to the richest and most famous woman in the world, is quite insecure. Under the vulturine brow, the rheumy blue stare is still fierce enough to keep the curious at bay.

'Always master of his brief,' is how Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin crisply describes him. As his wife would say, just hours after I sat watching him twiddle his paper-knife, it's been a horrible, horrible year.

BY THE TIME Prince Philip married, at the age of 26 - younger than his youngest child is today - he had lost virtually all the landmarks that tie the rest of us to childhood and give us identity.

His father was dead, his mother had withdrawn into a religious order.

'Everyone has to have a sense of duty,' he says in his dry voice. 'What is certain,' says Martin Palmer, a religious consultant who works closely with him, 'is that Prince Philip's God is an authoritarian one.' Marriage gave Philip a home, a country, a passport, a new religion and the first real stability he'd ever enjoyed.

Behind him is a long wall of bookcases, in which model ships in glass cases are artfully stowed between the books - on anthropology, history, naval strategy, sailing.

In one corner he keeps all the biographies that have been written about him.

Political turmoil had already forced Andrew's family into one exile.

Soon after Philip's birth, his father was arrested and accused of treason. ' asked the Greek Minister for War, General Pangalos.

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